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Pools and Hot Tubs in Oakville, ON

Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs is the leading store and service team for pools and hot tubs in Oakville, Ontario. Nothing is better than soaking in your bubbling hot tub or taking a dip in your pool on a warm summer day. However, the upkeep involved in swimming pool ownership can be intimidating for many. Let us make your pool and hot tub maintenance as easy as possible with our selection of products and services. You can buy all the necessary chemicals, equipment, and accessories from our online store. Learn more about our products and services for your pool and hot tub.

Swimming Pool Ownership Made Simple

Our swimming pool store and service team are here to make pool ownership simple and easy to understand. Whether you need to purchase parts, equipment, and chemicals or need a trusted team to help you open and close your pool each year, we are here for you. Some of our products and services include:

  • Pool Chemicals: If you need to purchase chemicals for your swimming pool, we can ship them directly to you. You can use the same algaecides, sanitizers, and test kits as the experts!
  • Pool Equipment: When you need to replace any piece of equipment, our online store has you covered with the best heaters, robotic pool cleaners, and pumps on the market.
  • Pool Parts: We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for your swimming pool that includes skimmer baskets, replacement filters, pump baskets, and almost any other part you need to get your pool working again.


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The Area’s Most Trusted Hot Tub Team

Nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a hot tub, but the maintenance and repairs can be a hassle if you are handling them on your own. We make hot tub repairs and maintenance effortless with expert technicians, high-quality products, and personalized services. Our team will always treat your hot tub like it’s their very own. Some of the products and services we provide for pools and hot tubs include:

  • Hot Tub Repair: When your hot tub stops working like it should, let our technicians diagnose and solve the issue. Hot tub repairs don’t have to be a headache.
  • Hot Tub Maintenance: make your hot tub maintenance automatic by leaving it to our team of experienced professionals.
  • Hot Tub Covers and Cover Lifters: Our online store carries a wide range of hot tub covers and cover lifters. We have sizes, shapes, and configurations that will fit nearly any hot tub on the market.
  • Hot Tub Chemicals: We will ship the conditioners, shock treatments, and test kits you need for your hot tub directly to your home. Getting the best hot tub chemicals has never been easier.
  • Hot Tub Accessories: Relaxing in your hot tub is made even better when you have the right accessories around, like toys, fragrance dispensers, unbreakable drinkware, and railing.
  • Hot Tub Filters: Our online hot tub store carries filters for various brands of hot tubs, from Artcic Spa hot tubs to Dynasty hot tubs
  • Hot Tub Parts: We carry all the replacement parts you need for your hot tub, from heat sensors to control panels.
  • Hot Tub Ionizers: Get an ionizer that will make your hot tub water clean and sparkling like never before.

Shop Online or Schedule a Service Call Today!

Whether you own a pool, a hot tub, or both, we are the place to go for all your services and products. Whether you just need a new shock treatment shipped to your door or you need the area’s most dedicated service team to perform weekly maintenance, there is no one better to trust than us. Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs will treat your pool or hot tub like it’s our own! Shop on our online store or contact us for a service estimate.

Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs


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