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Should I call the pool professionals to maintain my pool?

Winterize My Pool: Should I Call the Professionals?

When it’s time to close their pool, the most popular question homeowners ask us is, “Should I winterize my pool myself?”

As the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop, it’s important that a pool be sufficiently winterized. Due to the harsh winter climate we experience in Canada, it especially needs to be done properly in order to protect your investment from freeze damage and other issues that may require repair.

Though the actual concept of winterizing a pool is simple, doing it yourself without the proper knowledge and experience is akin to fixing your own brakes in your car. The idea of doing so might seem easy, but actually carrying out the task properly requires a specific set of skills, without which can lead to costly problems down the road.

Homeowners who want to try pool closing on their own need to consider a few things before jumping right in:

  • Do I have the right equipment to properly conduct the winterization?
  • Do I have the knowledge and experience and know the steps on how to close a pool?
  • Do I need help closing a pool?
  • Am I prepared to cover any repair costs if I close my pool incorrectly?

Let’s answer each one, and decide if closing your pool on your own is a good strategy for you and your pool.

1) Pool Closing Equipment

The equipment needed to properly winterize a pool isn’t normally found in the average garage or shed. Only pool professionals are equipped with industrial equipment that is specifically designed to perform these tasks. For example, when water is to be blown from the plumbing lines, pool professionals use high-powered heated blowers that not only ensure all water is removed from the lines, but also that any residual moisture is evaporated dry.

Before you’re tempted, you shouldn’t improvise with other tools, such as Shop-Vacs or other vacuuming equipment, that aren’t designed to blow water from your plumbing lines. Using these devices won’t ensure the lines are completely dry, and will usually leave low spots in the plumbing that are still full of water. If this water freezes over the winter, you could be looking at a significant repair bill. 

2) Knowledge, Experience, and Knowing the Steps in Winterizing Your Pool

Many homeowners underestimate the challenges that come with winterizing an in-ground pool. Online “do-it-yourself” videos can be very helpful, as are “closing a pool for the winter” instructions you may find online, or information you have obtained from a friend who has shut down a pool. However, these resources may not necessarily apply to the specific needs and requirements of the pool that’s in your backyard.

Every pool is built differently and requires the attention of someone who has experience in how to handle these types of challenges. Trial and error is not a method you want to exercise on something you’ve already invested thousands of dollars in.

For example, you need to know how to winterize your pool pump, as well as other equipment. You’ll also need to know which chemicals are needed to close a pool, as well as how much to add to the pool water. Speaking of pool water, did you know you shouldn’t empty your pool completely? It’s important to leave just the right amount of water in the pool over the winter months.

Without the proper knowledge and experience of every aspect of closing your pool, as well as the proper steps involved, it’s wise to leave the task of winterizing your pool up to the professionals. Pool professionals have dealt with all kinds of pool closing scenarios, and can quickly identify any specific issues that need to be addressed, which will eliminate the potential of costly clean-ups or repairs come springtime.

3) Do You Need Help Closing a Pool?

Have you ever tried to maneuver a 20×40 ft. pool cover by yourself, let alone position it correctly on a pool? It’s not easy, and needs to be done with complete accuracy or else you risk problems when the warmer weather returns.

Recruiting someone to help you is a good idea, but the fact is that the task is too important to do improperly. If it’s still not right after a few attempts, there is always a risk of frustration that could lead to “trying it again later”. Later, more often than not, never really comes, leaving your pool at risk.

This is another reason to hire pool closing professionals. They’re paid to do a job, and will not stop until the job is done correctly, which is usually on the very first try!

4) Covering Pool Repair Costs

When a homeowner performs a complete winterization of their pool, they’re the only person to be held responsible for any issues or damages when spring returns. Naturally, it’s very upsetting to find out that after all of your hard work in the fall, you now face thousands of dollars in preventable repairs to get your pool back in operation.

When you hire pool professionals to winterize your above ground or in-ground pool, they will ensure that no freeze damage will occur over the winter. But if damage does occur, they are responsible and liable for the repairs that will need to be carried out.

The Verdict: If you don’t have the correct equipment, experience, and knowledge to properly close a pool, or lack experienced help or the resources to pay for preventable repairs, you should seriously consider hiring professionals to close your pool. Not only will your investment be protected over the winter months, you’ll have the peace of mind that come springtime, your pool will be ready to open again, hassle free.

Pool Closing Costs

Wondering how much it costs to close a pool? It really depends on your individual needs and size of your pool.

The award-winning pool experts at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs offers two comprehensive pool closing packages that are tailored to your needs and budget. Our team will complete the task in a timely, efficient manner while you focus on the important things in your daily life, such as dreaming about hosting friends and family, or relaxing in your pool again on a hot summer day.

Relax this winter, while looking forward to the swimming season again and knowing your pool will be problem free when it’s time to open it again. Contact our award-winning pool technicians at (905) 891-8818, or visit us at 309 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga to learn more about our pool closing packages today!

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