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pool water during pool opening in Mississauga, ON

Spring Tips for an Easier Pool Opening

Springtime brings many sounds that we may have forgotten about over the winter: chirping birds, buzzing bees, humming lawnmowers, and…the sound of your pool calling you.

Okay, that last one might be just in your head, although you have to admit you’re looking forward to the return of the swimming season. But instead of staring forlornly into your backyard, dreaming of floating peacefully on the shimmering water, why not get a jump on preparing your pool for opening?

Start with these two tips to awaken your pool from its winter slumber in the weeks before opening day.

Fighting the Green Swamp

Remember how pristine your pool water looked when you closed last fall? Well, that all changed over the winter.

Many pool owners get an unwelcome surprise when they peel back their winter pool cover to face an unsightly green swamp, sometimes so thick you expect a swamp monster to take form and terrorize your neighbourhood!

Fortunately, you can pre-empt the shock you felt with a different kind of shock – the chemical kind!

A few weeks before you plan on opening the pool, simply peel back your cover in about four spots, concentrating mostly on the deep end, and add either a liquid chlorine shock or a pre-dissolved granular shock into the water. Be sure to manually disperse the chemicals (don’t forget to wear protective gloves) because there won’t be any circulation in the water to move it around for you.

Here are a few reasons why this is an effective way to fight algae before you actually open your pool:

  1. The chlorine will help kill any algae or other contaminants in your pool water
  2. When you replace the cover, algae and other unwanted organisms will be starved of the sunlight that encourages regrowth
  3. Over the next few weeks before you open your pool, the dead algae and sediment will sink to the pool floor, which makes cleaning up the debris a breeze with your pool vacuum

By taking care of the algae now, you’ll get in the water faster once it’s time to dive in again.

Taking “Leave” of Your Cover

Living in South Mississauga is great, especially when you have big leafy trees in your backyard. That is until those once-beautiful leaves fall off the branches and collect onto your freshly closed pool – and stay there over the winter.

Picking a few leaves out of the water during the summer is one thing – cleaning up a heavy mess of soggy, waterlogged leaves off your pool cover is something completely different. And if you try to remove your pool cover with the leaves still on it, you’ll make the task harder and create an even bigger problem.

It’s best to take care of those leaves beforehand, and here are a couple of different ways to do it:

  1. Using your pool pole and net, manually scoop up those leaves from off your cover and place them on the pool deck to dry out. Once dry, you can sweep them into yard waste bags and bring them to the curb for collection.
  2. Or, you can use a small utility pump and drain the excess water off your cover. Allow all the remaining debris to dry out over a few warm days and then use your pool brush and/or net to remove the dried leaves. You can then scoop them up into yard waste bags and take them to the curb.

Either of these options will make cleaning and removing the cover a lot easier in the spring, and gets you enjoying your pool faster on opening day.

Easy Pool Opening

Possibly the easiest way to open your pool is to hire professionals to do the work for you. That way, you know that every step will be taken to ensure that your pool is swim-ready and running at peak efficiency on opening day.

Professional pool experts remove, rinse, and store your winter cover, attach your pool accessories, clean your waterline, start your equipment, and much more. You’ll have clearer, cleaner water and will be diving in before you know it.

If you have any questions about how to open your pool in spring, simply email, call, or visit us in the store. Our pool experts are ready to help!

Pool Opening Services in Mississauga, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area

The easiest way to open your pool is not to do it at all! Get the award-winning pool professionals at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs to do the work for you. We offer different packages to suit your needs, and are available to answer every question you have. All you’ll have to worry about is which bathing suit to wear when we’re done.

Visit us at 309 Lakeshore East in Mississauga or call (905) 891-8818 today to arrange for your pool opening!

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