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Make Your Backyard Swimming Pool the Highlight of Your Summer

Looking forward to enjoying your backyard this summer? In this article, we’ll give you tips and ideas to keep your backyard pool season interesting, entertaining, and safe for the kids and the whole family.

Things to do with your backyard pool throughout the summer

There are so many reasons to love summer when you have a backyard pool already prepped for the season. With everyone enjoying the outdoors, there’s no better way to stay relaxed, happy, and active with your family and friends.

Whether you’re looking for family fun, pool entertaining, or just simple backyard tranquility, we have the answers:

  • Keep your pool water swim-ready: Maintaining your pool correctly all season long is of utmost importance for clean, healthy water. To ensure it is being properly treated, use test strips to stay on top of your chlorine levels so it doesn’t go green or cloudy. Or, bring us a clean 500 ml sample of your water for a free pool water test. Based on the results, we can make recommendations so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it.

  • Create a “safe zone” for kids: If you have kids enjoying the pool, make sure you put away your phone. Don’t just tell them to stay in the shallow side, keep an eye on them. Always. You don’t need to throw your phone away, keep it fully charged and within reach in case of an emergency. However, it is highly recommended that you don’t get distracted. Ask your friends to do the same, and if you need to send an email or make a phone call, find someone responsible to look after the kids while you step away.

  • Take breaks from work: Now that your pool is open, working from home is much more attractive! Enjoy a quick dip during lunch or breaks, take your laptop poolside, or host a conference call on a floatie!

  • Sip worry-free poolside cocktails: Staying hydrated with adult beverages by the pool is a big part of the vacation experience. Now, you can make it part of the staycation experience! You’ll also take the worry out of something breaking or shattering near the water with our unbreakable drinkware. This indestructible drinkware (no one’s been able to break one yet!) is dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and do not haze or spider crack over time, making them the perfect accessories for the poolside.

  • Enhance your pool water with “pool enhancers”: Pool water quality is important because no one wants to swim in cloudy, hard water. You can go the extra mile for your family and friends’ enjoyment of your backyard pool with our selection of pool enhancers. These products are designed to give you the softest pool water ever, or give your pool water extra sparkle and shine – it’s like putting your pool into high definition mode! As always, our award-winning team of pool experts can help match your particular need with the right products to ensure you have all the pool water products you need for the season.

  • Grill exotic foods on the BBQ near the pool: Restaurants and buffets might be transforming, but your backyard barbecue doesn’t have to! Pick some family favourites or try scrumptious new dishes for grilling and dining near the pool – just like at any fancy resort!

  • Create a spa relaxation experience with your hot tub: You didn’t think we forgot about backyard hot tubs, did you? Nothing beats creating a staycation paradise by unwinding in your hot tub with that special someone, a bottle of wine, assorted cheese, and twinkling summer stars. Ask us about how to keep your hot tub water soft and soothing with high-quality watercare products.

  • Install torches or citronella candles: Torches or citronella candles are among the most effective mosquito-repelling pool supplies you can get. Keep the flying insect population down while creating a warm, relaxing vibe around the pool during the evening with these great poolside decorations.

  • Elevate the backyard fun with pool toys and pool games: You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy pool toys, but pool toys might bring out the kid in you! Pool toys such as inflatables, floaties, and fun floats put a smile on everyone’s face, and increase the entertainment value and activity level of your backyard oasis.


Have an affordable summer at your pool within your own backyard!

Check out our line of pool supplies, pool toys, and more to keep the fun going all summer long!

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Visit Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs at 309 Lakeshore East in Port Credit, Mississauga, and speak to our award-winning staff for recommendations on everything you need for a safe, entertaining summer around your pool.

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