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Water Strip Testing to lower chlorine bromine in hot tub

How to lower Bromine or Chlorine in your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great place to relax and soothe your senses from the comfort of your own home, however if the Bromine or Chlorine in the hot tub are too high it can be uncomfortable to the bathers and you may sense the urgency to do something about it. So, How do you lower Bromine or Chlorine in your Hot Tub?

High sanitizer levels in hot tubs causes some undesirable experiences such as strong chemical smells, skin or sinus irritation, and can bleach your bathing suit. None of those sound fun, but good news, you can lower you hot tub sanitizer level is easy with 4 easy steps:


How to Lower your Hot Tub Sanitizer Levels

  1. Do not add any granular sanitizer to the hot tub and remove your puck dispenser if you have one. This is the most important step if your bromine or chlorine levels are too high. When removing your puck dispenser, make sure all the water drains out and put it in a bag or bucket to avoid water from leaching out of the dispenser.
  2. Figure out how high your bromine or chlorine is. What you do next depends on what your sanitizer levels are.
    • If your sanitizer levels are 8ppm or less, open the cover for a few hours. You can lower your bromine or chlorine levels even faster by replacing some of your hot tub water with fresh water.
    • If your sanitizer levels are greater than 8ppm, use Beachcomber Neutralizer to lower your bromine or chlorine levels. The higher your sanitizer levels, the longer it will take for them to come down. Without Neutralizer, it can take between 3-7 days for your sanitizer levels to come down to acceptable levels.
  3. Use test strips to check your bromine or chlorine levels. Do not add any granular sanitizer or put your puck dispenser back in the tub until your sanitizer levels are 5ppm or less.

4. Reduce the output of your puck dispenser. Closing your puck dispenser will help you avoid your bromine or chlorine levels from becoming too high again.

How to Prevent High Sanitizer in the Future

Hot tub water that is more than 2 months old are more likely to have more issues with high sanitizer levels. Most hot tubs use bromine tablets, which become more efficient as the water ages. The older the water gets, the less bromine you need to use. A bromine puck dispenser will have to be open more initially and closed a bit at a time as the water ages. This is not common knowledge, so most hot tub owners don’t know this.

Sanitizer levels can also increase when less people use the hot tub. Bromine, or chlorine, is used much faster when people enter the hot tub water. Often you add a set amount of sanitizer to your hot tub every week, but if you’re not using the hot tub often, that can be too much. Sanitizer will start to build up. Use less sanitizer when the hot tub is not in use, and more when it is.

Finally, the best way to prevent your bromine or chlorine from becoming too high is to test your sanitizer levels weekly. It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s not. One 15-second water test using a test strip will tell you everything you need to know about your sanitizer. Alternatively, we offer free

water testing with professional analysis and printed product recommendations so you are never guessing what your water needs.

Test your water at home or with us to keep your tub in great shape so the only thing you will sense from your hot tub, is the urge to relax and enjoy it!

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