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How much does an energy efficient pool pump save?

What You Should Know About Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

Hot and humid weather early in the summer inevitably sees pool owners looking for ways to minimize their energy bill. As a result, many of our customers ask us about energy-efficient pool pumps, and how would they know if upgrading would be the best choice for them.

Energy-efficient pool pumps are designed with integrated technology to help you reduce your energy consumption. Simply by setting an energy-efficient pool pump to 1HP, you would save about 25% in energy use when compared to regular pool pumps. When you fully utilize your energy-efficient pump, you can save up to 70%.

Those are significant savings you will notice quickly on your energy bill.

How do swimming pool pumps work?

Pool pumps work by cycling the water:

  • From the surface skimmers to the pool filter for cleaning
  • To the pool heater for warming to your desired temperature
  • To the sanitization system for disinfecting
  • And then back into the pool through the return jets


The importance of pool pumps to your overall pool system makes them the beating heart of having an optimal pool experience. That’s why you should consider a high-quality pool pump an investment, not a cost, in helping your pool run as efficiently as possible.

Pool pumps come in two varieties: single speed and variable speed. Which one to choose depends entirely on how and where you want to use it.

Single-speed vs. variable speed pool pumps

I liken the difference between single speed and variable speed pumps to electrical switches. With your standard light switch, you have two settings: on and off. It doesn’t offer much in the way of functionality.

Single-speed pool pumps work in the same fashion. You turn them on, you leave them on, and then you turn them off. It does matter if you’re running it when you have a pool full of guests or overnight when no one is using the pool at all – you’re using the same amount of energy even when you don’t need to.

That’s why we recommend using single speed pool pumps as secondary pumps, primarily for an attached pool spa or backyard waterfalls, which tend to have less active use than your pool.

Now let’s get back to that boring light switch and change it into a fancy new dimmer. Suddenly, you have the ability to change the lighting depending on what kind of mood you want to set. You can also program that dimmer to automatically adjust itself, or even shut itself off.

This would be the equivalent of the variable speed pool pump, which offers a host of benefits to the pool owner, including customizable programming that allows you to automate the speed of your pump in conjunction with your needs.

For example, you can program the pump to run at a low speed overnight when there’s no pool activity, and set it to gradually increase in speed at a time when people go for a swim. Or, leave it on low speed during the day if you’re at work, and program it to speed up so the water is warm and clean when you return.

This flexibility also results in significant energy savings. By operating at lower speeds during peak energy cost times, and adjusting as needed during off-peak hours, variable speed pumps can keep your pool water properly circulating, filtered, and treated at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional single-speed pumps.

Signs that you may need a swimming pool pump replacement

Under normal circumstances, your pool pump works happily to keep your pool water clean and fresh, while operating relatively quietly on the lower settings.

However, like most technology, pool pumps do have a limited life span, typically about 8 – 10 years. If you have a still-functioning older pump it’s likely time for a replacement, especially if it’s exhibiting one or more of the below symptoms:

  1. Excessive noise: Aside from your pump “dying”, excessive noise is the #1 sign a working pump needs to be replaced. Although this might simply indicate that your pump needs new bearings, it can also mean the windings inside are damaged from overheating. Only a pool professional can service your pool pump and if the damage is extensive, you might be better off getting a newer energy-efficient unit instead.
  2. Pooling water around the pump: If you’ve noticed a pool of wet ground around the area of your pool pump, it could be a sign that the shaft seal is leaking water. This is another case where you’ll need the guidance of a pool professional to determine whether the pump can be repaired, or if replacing it with a new unit is the best option.
  3. Poor energy performance: Are you looking for a way to cut your energy bills? Installing a timer on your old pump might help, but will cost you several hundreds of dollars between the price of the part and having an electrician install it. Timers can also cause damage to the pool system if the pump and heater don’t operate in sync. Variable-speed pool pumps have a timer already installed, so in the long run replacing your old pump with this unit will give you a better pool experience.

Even if you notice issues with your pump at the end of the swimming season, be sure to replace it long before the next season begins. If you don’t handle it sooner rather than later, your pump might break on you right in the middle of your Victoria Day long weekend pool party, leaving you stuck when parts and service are in their highest demand.

As with most things that involve your pool, a proactive approach is always your best bet.

What is the best swimming pool pump?

At Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs, we exclusively carry Hayward pool pumps. Hayward’s reputation for quality engineering, long-lasting dependability, and exceptional high-performance operation has made them an industry leader in manufacturing energy-efficient pool equipment.

For example, the Hayward Super Pump VS 700 is a high-quality mid-range pump that brings excellent long-term value for your dollar. By installing this energy-efficient pump, you can save up to 70% per year on your energy bill.

This means that the pump literally pays for itself within 3 years through energy savings, much less than the average 6 – 10-year payback on other appliances. Even a hybrid car has a longer payback period, despite the reduction in gasoline costs.

Hayward’s pool pump technology is built into every variable-speed pool pump unit, bringing you these valuable benefits:

  • Integrated programmable timer allows you to change the settings on the pump whenever you want
  • Ultra-quiet operation on low speeds
  • Longer lifespan due to an innovative design that keeps air outside the motor, minimizing moisture and debris inside the pump
  • Compatibility with the Hayward OMNI Hub System, connecting your pump and pool equipment through your smart device


The Hayward Super Pump VS 700 also comes with a 3-year warranty and $50 mail-in rebate. Ask us about Hayward pool pumps today!


Energy-efficient pool pumps in Mississauga, Oakville, and the Greater Toronto Area

When it’s time to upgrade to or replace your energy-efficient pool pump, the award-winning team at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs will happy to talk to you. We’ll be sure to answer all of your questions, offer friendly advice, and match you with the best products to suit your needs.

Visit us at 309 Lakeshore East in Mississauga or call (905)-891-8818 today!


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