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What Hot Tub Size Do I Need?

The size of the hot tub you want to buy is an essential aspect of finding the right tub that suits your lifestyle. Although we’ve never heard anyone complain about buying a hot tub that was too big, there are sometimes people who wish they’d purchased a bigger one than they did.

When buying a hot tub, considerations such as usage, space, and seating all play into the overall sizing. With such a wide variety of hot tubs available, and an even greater number of features, the selection task might seem daunting. But choosing a hot tub really boils down to asking yourself a few simple questions.

Find Your Ideal Hot Tub Size

Choosing the right size for your hot tub really is a matter of what your needs are now, as well as what they will be down the road. To determine this, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many people will be in your hot tub on a regular basis? It may be only 1 or 2 of you right now, but are you planning on getting married and raising a family? Not only will you need room for your children, but what about your parents and siblings, visiting in-laws, and other extended family members who come to visit? If you’re part of a large family now, or will be down the road, getting a larger hot tub might be something to consider.
  2. How will you be using your hot tub? Some people see their hot tub as a private oasis for relaxation and therapeutic massage, so a smaller hot tub size might be sufficient. Others see their hot tub as “party central”, so they will need something roomier. Which type are you?
  3. How much space is available? Do you have unlimited space in your backyard, or do you have space restrictions due to other structures or an overall tiny backyard? Your wants may have to take a backseat to how much space you have to work with.

Once you answer the above questions, you’ll have a better idea as to which size of hot tub will work best. You’ll also be able to choose the right number of seats with confidence.

Hot Tub Seating

Choosing the number of hot tub seats is simply a matter of how many people will be using it, right?

Well, it goes a little beyond that. Yes, you wouldn’t buy a four-seat hot tub for a family of five, but there are other factors to think about before jumping in, such as seat sizing, massage features, and footwell space.

  • Try the hot tub seats out for size: When the manufacturer says that a hot tub seats six, does that actually mean there are six adult seats? Have a seat in the hot tub and imagine what it would be like if six people were in the tub at once. Or bring some friends along for a “real world” perspective.
  • Check massage availability: Everyone will jump for the massage seat first, so make sure that every seat has massage available. Most hot tubs cannot run all the jets in the seats at once so consider how many seats can be fully active at the same time, otherwise you may have to wait to get your massage. With our hot tubs, if someone doesn’t want massage, they can always turn it off for their individual seat.
  • Test the footwell: The hot tub might seat six adults, but what if the footwell is only big enough for four? Unless you want to play footsies, make sure there’s enough hot tub footwell space for everyone to feel comfortable. This is an important representation of hot tub space which is often overlooked.

Before you decide on a particular hot tub, ensure that what you’re thinking of getting meets your needs exactly. Visiting the showroom and asking lots of questions will help you get the hot tub you’ve always dreamed of.

One question people often ask is: “Should I buy a hot tub with a lounger?” Of course you should if that’s what you want! But be aware that this is another decision that needs to be thought through.

The Pros and Cons of Loungers

At first glace, loungers are great. You can sit back, recline in the water, and get a back and foot massage at the same time. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Except that loungers usually take up one entire side of the hot tub, which in effect uses 2 – 3 seats. That means fewer people can sit in your hot tub if it has a dedicated lounger.

Also, the size of a hot tub lounger is typically selected for one person, so even if someone four inches taller or shorter than the lounger’s size uses the seat, one of two things will happen:

  1. If the person is shorter, they might float out of the seat and not experience the massage features
  2. If the person is taller, their knees and/or back will be bent at an uncomfortable angle

This is the point where couples who want to buy a lounger, but are of significant height difference, will have to find a compromise because only one of them will have a good lounge experience.

Fortunately, Beachcomber Hot Tubs has a solution.

Beachcomber Swivel Hot Tub Seats

An industry leader since 1978, Beachcomber is the only hot tub manufacturer to have solved the lounger size issue by offering swivel seats in select models. These innovative seats actually turn one side of the hot tub into a vertical version of a lounger that any size bather can enjoy without floating. You can also use the swivel seat and foot massage areas as two separate seats when you have friends in the hot tub.

Check out Beachcomber models 720 and 750 for this unique swivel seat feature!

When selecting a hot tub that’s right for you, ask yourself and your dealer lots of questions about your needs, wants, and must-haves. With careful thought and planning, you’ll be sure to take home a hot tub to enjoy for years to come!

When it comes to hot tubs, size does matter! Come visit our store at 309 Lakeshore East in Mississauga and tell our hot tub experts about your needs. We’ll match you with the perfect unit that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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