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Hot Tub Water Foam

Hot Tub Foam: The Party Guest Nobody Wants

Hot tub foam is an unwelcome hot tub party guest, especially when you’ve invited friends over for an afternoon of backyard fun.

Whether it’s a thin layer of foam on the surface, or so much foam that it looks like a bubble bath, foamy water is a sign that something is wrong with your water. It might be tempting to jump in and have a foam fight with your friends, but a better idea is to return the water to a clean and sparkling state and take steps to prevent the foam from coming back.

But why do hot tubs foam in the first place?

What Causes Hot Tub Foam?

The first thing you should know is that hot tub foam is quite common, and actually easy to prevent. Even hot tub owners who follow their watercare instructions properly and clean their hot tub filter can experience foam in their water but it is more common to see foam when there is an issue present.

Foaming can be caused by having too little sanitizer, however more often it is due to impurities that enter your hot tub water. This includes makeup, body lotion, suntan lotion, and hair. Though invisible, these elements collect together, creating foam once you turn on your jets. The problem can get worse following a hot tub party, because more people in the hot tub means more elements left behind that shouldn’t be there.

But for now, you’re standing there with your friends staring at the heap of foam oozing across your hot tub water. What can you do to clean it up fast and get back to having fun?

Eliminate Hot Tub Foam

Fortunately, all is not lost. You can apply a hot tub foam reducer such as Foam Free, which magically gets rid of hot tub foam for the duration of your hot tub soak. It’s time for fun with your family and friends – for now.

Because the underlying cause of the foam is still there, the foam will return the next time you want to use the hot tub. You need to permanently fix the problem before the water becomes overwhelmed with impurities, in which case you’ll have to drain and clean your hot tub instead of enjoying it.

The first thing you need to do is determine if your water parameters are within the acceptable range. If not, here are some treatment steps you can take:

  • Shock to increase sanitizer levels, as a low sanitizer level can directly lead to foam
  • Routinely shock your hot tub with an oxidizer once per week to break down contaminants that cause foam to occur
  • Clean your filter to remove captured particles and increase filtration performance
  • Maintain 150ppm of calcium in your water as softer water can sometimes cause foam

If your hot tub water is old or has a high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids – everything you leave behind in your water) level, your foam problem might not be fixable. But before you drain your hot tub, bring a sample of your water into our store for a free water test. In five minutes we’ll be able to determine why your water is foaming and recommend the best course of action for you.

Hot Tub Foam Prevention

So now that you’ve gotten rid of all that foam, the trick is to minimize the chances of it returning. Here are easy foam prevention tips:

  • If you’ve been out in the sun gardening, tanning, or jogging, and are covered with suntan lotion, consider showering before getting into the hot tub to prevent all that sweat and lotion from getting into your hot tub water
  • Remove makeup, body lotion, and other skin products before entering the hot tub
  • Use a dedicated hot tub bathing suit in your hot tub, and rinse it with water instead of washing it with detergent or fabric softeners that will contaminate the hot tub water
  • Keep your head above water, making sure that bathers with long hair tuck their hair into a hat

Remember, the less you take into your water, the less you’ll leave behind. By following the above steps, your water will remain clean and foam free.

Except, maybe, after that next hot tub party.

Hot tub foam have you fuming? Call the team at Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs at (905) 891-8818, or visit our store at 309 Lakeshore East in Mississauga for helpful tips and advice that will keep the foam at bay, and you back in your hot tub, worry free.

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