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replacement hot tub covers

Hot Tub Covers Replacement: when do you need a new cover

As the weather gets colder, hot tub covers across Canada get popped open for fun with family and friends, making hot tubs the center point for backyard winter fun.

Not only do hot tub covers protect your hot tub from the winter elements, they also play a significant role in keeping the heat in and maintaining appropriate energy costs. An old, worn-out cover will let too much heat escape, taking away from your hot tub experience and driving up your energy bills.

In other words, by replacing that worn-out cover, you’ll actually be saving money in the long run. But how long do hot tub covers usually last?


Hot tub cover life expectancy

Hot tub covers typically last an average of 5 years. Some factors, such as UV radiation from the sun, falling debris, or other types of damage can drastically reduce your hot tub cover’s lifespan.

Letting your hot tub cover become dry and brittle can also shorten the life of your hot tub cover. Without applying a proper protector, cracks that accelerate water seepage can develop. Your cover’s colour might fade as well, resulting in a cover that looks old and unsightly.

To clean your cover, we recommend using a mild solution of dish soap and warm water, letting it dry, and then applying a protector such as Cover Care or Swirl Away II. When used properly, these cleaners will keep your hot tub from drying out and cracking as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Avoid using cleaning products that contain bleach or alcohol. These cleaners will compromise the clear protective coating of the vinyl, causing it to break down and require replacement before its time.

Taking care of your hot tub cover will make it last as long as possible, but even under the best of conditions, hot tub covers simply wear out over time.


Signs for replacing your hot tub cover

One of the things we get asked about the most is how to know when you need a new hot tub cover. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that will demonstrate when it’s time for hot tub covers replacement.

  1. Your hot tub cover is heavy, and doesn’t insulate properly: Has your hot tub gotten heavier over time? Don’t panic – you’re not getting weaker. Your cover has actually gained weight!

In most cases, water has saturated into the cover’s insulation, causing it to weigh more. Many hot tub owners don’t notice that their hot tub cover has gotten heavier because this process happens slowly, spanning a number of years. This makes it hard to judge when a hot cover actually needs to be replaced, which can result in people using their hot tub cover well past its lifespan.

A heavy hot tub cover could also increase your energy bills, as wet insulation won’t perform as well as the dry insulation in a new hot tub cover. This is because water allows for a more rapid transfer of temperature.

If you use a heavy hot tub cover for too long, you will also place unnecessary and undue strain on your hot tub cover lifter.

You can test if your hot tub cover has gotten abnormally heavy by attempting to open it with your non-dominant arm instead of both arms. It shouldn’t be hard to lift it with your non-dominant arm, but if it is, chances are water has seeped into your cover and collected in the insulation.

  1. Cover stitching is failing, particularly at the center seam: Another indicator that your cover is in need of replacement would be any stitching or threads that are ripping, especially at the edges of the center seam where most cover lifters support the cover while open. This area shows signs of wear often because the added weight causes the stitching to break down.

ripped hot tub cover


If you see the center seam stitching start to rip, you need to change your hot tub cover sooner rather than later.

  1. Cover is pooling water: The last major sign that your cover needs to be replaced is if the cover is warped, causing water to pool in the center of the cover on either one or both halves. This needs to be addressed quickly because if the water isn’t running off like it should be, some of it might seep into the cover over time. This will cause your cover to get heavier sooner.

This situation also needs to be addressed quickly to prevent potential damage to your cover lifter and an increase in energy costs.

These are the three most common signs of a hot tub cover needing replacement, but if your cover suffers from other symptoms, make sure to call us for advice. 


Benefits of a New Hot Tub Cover

Why keep your old, cracked hot tub cover together with spa cover repair tape, vinyl patches, or duct tape when there are so many benefits to buying a new one? Investing in a new cover is a perfect long-term solution that:

  • Saves money in operating and energy costs
  • Refreshes the look of your hot tub and backyard
  • Makes opening and closing the lid easier (no more asking for help if you want to use the hot tub)
  • Spares your cover lifter from undue and unnecessary damage from excessive cover weight

One thing our customers often tell us is that they don’t remember how well their hot tub cover performed until they got a new one. It’s like tires on a car: you get used to old ones, but when you put new ones on, the difference is like night and day.


Hot Tub Covers on Sale in Mississauga!

When it comes to hot tubs, we always have you “covered”!

Visit Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs at 309 Lakeshore East in Mississauga and speak to our award-winning staff about hot tub covers replacement that’s perfect for your needs. We’ll deliver it, install it, and even take away the old one so you can get back into the water this winter, worry free.

Visit our online store or call (905)-891-8818 today!

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