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“Our family is committed to treating every customer’s pool or hot tub as if it were our own.”

- Marilynn Roch, Co-owner, Lakeshore Pools & Hot Tubs

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Did you know?

  • Pool construction in Canada started in the early 1800s, with outdoor swimming pools for personal use becoming common in the 1950s
  • The first home hot tubs started to appear in the 1960s, and were made from old wine vats.
  • Acrylic hot tubs were first made in the 1970s
  • Beachcomber, one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of hot tubs, started in 1978 in British Columbia
  • Professional pool experts are members of the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada (PHTCC), which has a strict code of ethics governing the actions of their members
  • PHTCC celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2009
  • The highest professional designation of the PHTCC is Certified Pool and Hot Tub Operator (CPO)
  • Regan Pallett, co-owner of Lakeshore Pools and Hot Tubs, has had his CPO designation since 2011

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